Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch is probably my favorite part of fall!  I love fall to begin with but then we get to take our kids to the pumpkin patch and have fun doing all the pumpkin patch stuff.  Carter loved every second of it this year.  His favorite part was probaby a toss up between the hay ride with the big tractor and walking through the dark maze with daddy and his flash light.  He is so brave!  I don't even like going in those dark mazes, even with a flash light.  Carter did the entire thing with Jay.  They were probably in there about 30 minutes.  He talked about that for days.  Jay said everytime they came to a dead end he would yell out "dead end."  I would have been yelling out "are you kidding me?"  I hate being in the dark like that.  I'm proud of my boy!
Carter wanted to wear his bike helmet in the car and then he promptly fell asleep :)  He was extra safe on this car ride.

He enjoyed feeding the goats and petting all of the animals. 

He did not however like the slide.  He normally likes slides but this one didn't do it for him and then he refused to go on anymore slides the rest of the day. 

Umm, do you see my family of blue eyes?  Love all of those beautiful eyes!

He is really growing up!  He just seemed so old to me sitting there on the hay ride with his flash light.  He is really changing!  We are less than four months away until his 3rd birthday.  I can't wait and I can't believe it!  

And Madelynn discovered her love for swings.  Oh man she loved this!  She was actually giggling the whole time.  This was probably my favorite part of the pumpkin patch this year.  Watching her face full of joy on her daddy's lap was priceless.

Trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin.  This is like trying to pick out the perfect Christmas tree.  I am terrible at making decisions and could pumpkin hunt and tree hunt for hours.  Thankfully Jay reigns me in and helps me decide.  Carter helped too.

He kept trying to pick them up but they were all too heavy. 

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