Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bed Rest...

I came home from the hospital Thursday afternoon and have been on bed rest since then. Five full days of it and I am ready to be done! It's really hard when you feel great but you can't do anything. I am so thankful to my husband and my mom who have been taking great care of me and our house while I lay on the couch. Jay has started the bathroom remodel. Yesterday he and my dad got everything out of there...the cabinet, sink, flooring, toilet, etc. Tonight Jay has been laying the tile which is quite the project all by itself. Poor guy! My mom has been cooking for us, cleaning, doing laundry, and the dishes. She even runs errands. I am also thankful for all the friends who have come to visit and hang out. It really helps pass the time!! Natalie has brought me dinner, movies, magazines, ice cream, and even shopped for a few things that I need for the hospital. It is a strange feeling to not be able to do things for yourself. I watch a lot of tv, have continued to grade papers to try and help Buffi (plus it gives me something to do), written thank you cards, taken naps, and hung out with anyone that is willing to hang out with me!

Doctor West is planning on inducing me right around 38 weeks which is in 11 days! I am so thankful this bed rest thing isn't going to go on too much longer. We can't wait to meet our little guy! I will try to get my most recent belly pictures and Carter's finished room pictures on here in the next couple of days. It shouldn't be hard, I don't have much else to do. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My first hospital stay...

I thought I should update our blog about our newest endeavors this week. Last week at my 34 week doctors appointment showed that my blood pressure was a little too high. I had also gained five pounds during those three weeks when I hadn't gained anything the appointment before that. Doctor thought it would be best to schedule a non stress test at the hospital for Sunday just to get a better idea what things were looking like. He also asked me to "limit" my activity including taking a little time off work each week. Sunday's stress test showed the baby was perfect but my blood pressure still wasn't quite where it should be. It really wasn't bad though. I figured everything was fine. The next Tuesday I talked to the doctor and he wanted me to go back into the hospital for another stress test to get an even better idea. So Wednesday morning I got another sub and came down for the test. My blood pressure was higher than it had ever been before which really bothered my doctor. I laid their for 2 1/2 hours with them checking it every 10 minutes. They did some lab work that showed everything was fine there. Doctor came in the first time to tell me that the test shows I cannot go back to work at all. I am officially done teaching because of how high my blood pressure was. This was extremely hard news for me. My poor doctor stood there watching me try to hold back the tears! It is a very weird feeling to expect to go back to school with my kids after lunch and then find out I am done and not going back at all. They continued to check my blood pressure and then even decided that they wanted to keep me over night for more observation. Now I don't even get to go home! What a crazy day! I spend all day yesterday here and all night and am praying that I get to go home today after they get some results back from all the testing. I had lots of visitors which was fun. Sleeping at a hospital is really hard though! The nurse came in at midnight for blood pressure, at 3 to do a stress test on the baby which takes about a half hour, back at 5 for blood work, and then at 7 for blood pressure again. How is a girl supposed to sleep with all that going on. I was not expecting the wake up at 5 for the blood work. She walked in, flipped on the lights, and said "i need to get some blood from ya." I hate getting my blood drawn in the first place but seriously, at five in the morning?!?!?! They must be bored that early in the morning. Now it's 8am and I am just waiting for 9 when I can order breakfast. Jay spent the night here, which was so sweet of him! I loved having him here with me. He got up early this morning to go take his car into a window place to get a rock chip repaired that happened on his way here yesterday. Perfect timing. He didn't want that chip to turn into what my window looks like with a huge crack from one side all the way across to the other side. As soon as that is done he will be back here with me until he goes to work at 2. Hopefully by then I will be snuggled up on my own couch at home. So that is the update for now. One little funny thing is that Carter had the hiccups at 3 this morning while my nurse was doing the stress test. Every time he hiccuped, there was a loud noise on the monitor. It was very cute!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

34 week pic and baby shower!

This is my 34 week picture. It is a terrible picture but we forgot to take one when I was actually wearing nice clothes. I even have a water spot on my shirt. How lame am I? But...it shows how huge I am! I don't think there will be room for him if I go another 6 weeks.

My baby shower was wonderful! Thank you to the wonderful ladies that did this for me. I was truly blessed and felt so loved! Thank you everyone for blessing and spoiling us!

The beautiful ladies that did this for me and baby Carter. Thank you girls!!!

Baby Jameson

Hollie and I are just 2 1/2 weeks apart. I can't wait till we all have our babies.

The three pregnant girls at the baby shower.

What used to be the three pregnant girls. One down, two to go!

Hollie made this amazing diaper bag! I love it!!!

Fire fighter stuff...of course!