Thursday, August 25, 2011

9 weeks

I am nine weeks pregnant. It is really easy with this pregnancy to be so focused on Carter that I don't keep track of anything with my pregnancy. I want to work really hard to still document everything about my pregnancy with this precious baby, just like I did with Carter. When I was pregnant with Carter, I was able to be completely and totally focused on being pregnant. That sure changes when it is a second pregnancy and you have a toddler to keep track of and keep alive. (Yes, that is a goal right keep my little monkey and acrobat alive! I'll write more about that in his 18 month blog.)

Here is a little recap of my pregnancy so far. We found out I was pregnant about two days after four weeks pregnant. And by four and a half weeks, I was already feeling sick! This was much earlier than with Carter so it really caught me off guard. I'm still hoping that means I will be done with the yucky stuff a couple of weeks early. Ha! Up until yesterday, so for about five weeks, I just felt sick constantly but never threw up. I finally threw up yesterday. It really caught me off guard because I have been so sick this whole time but never threw up. And I only threw up with Carter once but it was later in the pregnancy so I'm not even sure it was pregnancy related. Anyway, enough about throw up ;) I hate feeling so sick! It is a good thing I had sort of blocked that out of my mind with my first pregnancy because if I remembered it so clearly, I'm not sure I would want to keep doing this ;) And the lack of energy...I hate that feeling! It makes me feel so lazy but I just don't have any energy! Which is really hard when I have a one year old that has more energy than 18 adults combined. I have taken a lot of naps during Carter's naps and my mom has also taken him a few times for a couple of hours. I was finishing up two masters classes a couple of weeks ago so my lack of energy couldn't stop me from working and writing papers every free moment I had. Thankfully those are done and I have a little time off before the next class starts.

After my miscarriage, I have been so paranoid that something will happen to this baby too. Thankfully so far, everything is acting perfectly normal! I have my first doctor's appointment today to see our baby's heartbeat and I can't wait! I am hitting that point where I am starting to feel fat and uncomfortable in normal clothes. I'm sure many women go much longer but I start feeling so uncomfortable that the maternity clothes always come out early. And I don't care! They are comfortable!

So far I have not really had any food aversions. I actually want to eat with this baby, unlike with Carter. Eating makes me feel so much better and I have been able to eat almost anything, too much in fact. I need to slow it down so that I don't gain a whole bunch of weight right at the beginning.

Anyway, that has been my pregnancy so far. We are so excited to add another person into our family! Carter already kisses my tummy when I ask him where the baby is. He even started saying baby yesterday. I know he doesn't understand but it is still fun trying to teach him about the baby.

I'll be back soon for Carter's 18 month post!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time with family...

We headed off to Spokane to watch my cousin Amy get married. We decided to go to Clarkston for a few days first to spend some time with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins. We had a nice time but stayed very busy. We took Carter to the water park, went out on my cousin Mark's boat, ate some great food with the fam, Jay golfed twice, and we just enjoyed our time with the family.
Aunt Gina wearing Carter's hat.

Our adventure on the boat...

Carter had to get used to wearing a life jacket. He wasn't too sure what to think of this boat thing at first but he really enjoyed it as long as he was in my lap.

Jay and Mark dove in the cool water.

Jay got to water ski.

After our boat adventure we had a picnic in the park with the whole family.

Carter and Mark

Carter's new favorite thing to do is throw rocks! He threw probably 200 rocks that night and threw the largest tempertantrum I have ever seen him throw when Jay made him stop and come back to the picnic. I have never heard anything like that come from him before.

Grandpa taking pictures of Carter...this happened quite frequently this week.

Amy and Jason's wedding...
It was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful couple very much in love and ready to start their future together!
Carter made it almost impossible for me to get a good picture of him in his wedding attire. I felt like an idiot chasing him around trying though. :)

Without fail...
He found the only rocks in the whole area and was obsessed with throwing them! This next picture is crazy because he threw the rock and it is flying above his head. I'm not really sure where it landed.

Being announced as husband and wife...

Some of the groomsman and Amy's three brothers, my cousins. Brian is the one making a silly face, Eric is to the right of him and Kyle is on the left (when facing them).

First dance...beautiful setting!

Father/Daughter dance

Let the dancing begin...

Carter enjoyed trying to dance...

Amy and her brother Kyle.

My cousins, Carrie and Craig.

Love these pictures! Carter was holding Jay's cheeks and kissing him. True admiration and love for his daddy!

Playing in the pool with cousin Kyle.

Kyle started playing his guitar and Carter was mesmerized.

Playing catch with Uncle Don.

We spent our last day there at Silverwood. It is an amusment park and water park near Spokane. We had a great time. I didn't get to do a whole lot because I am pregnant but I still enjoyed it. Carter had a great time and even got to ride three rides! And Jay was in heaven with the roller coaster and water slides.

The four who actually braved Aftershock.

Heading up for Panic Plunge. I don't even understand how anyone could ride this ride. It goes straight up, and then drops you straight down. Awful!!

Just got back to the ground...and I'm sure their stomachs are in their throats.

Jay and Carter on the dumbo ride. Carter loved it. This was his first ride. Later he also rode it with Grandma. I love how his little head is sticking out over the elephant in the bottom picture. And with his Giants hat on. He loves his hat and wears it ALL THE TIME!

Oh the water slides...
Jay and Carrie did the Velocity slide which is the middle one that is tall and straight down. I can't even imagine ever getting on that thing but they loved it. Jay said as you come out of the tube where it begins to drop you straight down, his butt actually got off the slide. Crazy scary!! That is Jay going down it in the next picture and him at the end of it in the next picture. I have a brave husband. He loves this stuff! I hope Carter will be brave like him and not a coward like me ;) Jay is working pretty hard to help him get ready for these fun rides and slides. He always says "I'm just getting him ready for roller coasters..."

They had a great splash pad just for toddlers. Carter was in heaven and it was definately the best splash pad I have ever seen.

Another roller coaster...Jay, Craig, and Carrie are right in the middle. Jay has a bright orange Giants shirt on. You can see them if you look closely.

We took Carter on the train ride. He enjoyed it as long as it was moving. They stop out in the woods for a little fake robbery which was clearly very boring for Carter. He was so wriggly and getting cranky but he did okay and really did like it when we were moving. We got to see a bunch of Bison pretty close up and he loved that. He is such an animal guy!

We had a nice vacation with our family. The wedding was great and it was fun to be a part of Amy and Jason's special day. Carter is a great traveler. This trip was a little harder on him then most of them though. I think it is because we stayed in three different places, my Grandparents, a hotel one night, and then my aunt and uncles. And there were so many people always wanting to hold Carter and play with him, he just seemed overwhelmed. He is usually a pretty social guy but it would take him some time to warm up to everyone. That's okay though. He is a trooper and seemed to enjoy all of his new adventures. He did get to do some pretty fun stuff.
Well...our little Carter man turns 18 months old tomorrow so I will be back soon for his 18 month post. I can't believe he is a year and a half already.