Sunday, November 28, 2010

9 months!

Carter turned nine months on Friday. I am just a couple days late with blogging. This has been such a fun month with Carter. He has learned many new things and is closer and closer to being a toddler and not a baby anymore. He is still just as fun and beautiful as ever with an incredible personality. He makes us laugh so many times a day and is just curious about everything! Along with this being a really fun month with Carter, mommyhood has also become more difficult. Now that he is completely mobile, he is into EVERYTHING!!!!! He is such a joy and we are thankful for the gift that he is to us!

My sweet Carter...
Here is what you are up to at nine months old...

-You are still army crawling but can army crawl at the speed of lightening. Okay, not that fast but you are so fast! I think that is why you don't want to crawl on your hands and knees. Every time you do try it, it is slower and you flop back down to your belly and take off.
-You are pulling yourself up to a standing position on just about everything! Everything you come across, you just have to stand up! I think it is a whole new world for you to be standing.
-You are walking while holding on to something. You walk circles around the couch ottoman.
-Most of the time for naps, I have to go back in and lay you down a couple of times because you love to stand in your crib.
-You are so inconsistent with naps lately! Some days you take great, long naps and other days it is a battle to get you to sleep for 30 minutes. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for your nap schedule.
-You still aren't sleeping through the night. You wake up once to eat almost every night. That is all I will say about that.
-You are eating so much more. You are now eating cheese, whole wheat bread, yogurt, turkey, mashed potatoes, crackers, blueberries, chunks of banana, and cottage cheese, along with all of your mashed up fruits and veggies. We are trying new things all the time.
-You are still in size three diapers and 9 to 12 month clothes.
-You learned how to give kisses this month and it melts my heart every time!! You open your mouth real wide and lean in for a kiss. So cute!!
-You LOVE your blanket! My friend Lisa made you this beautiful blanket and we started out with it right away and it is your favorite blanket. If it is near you, you grab it and pull it to your face and snuggle. I'm not sure you could really even sleep without it.
-You have a third tooth coming in on the top. It seems to be taking a really long time but we can see it!
-You have been in a big boy car seat for over a month now and seem to really like it.
-You had your first real injury last week. You were standing against a chair in the kitchen and fell and hit your chin on the chair. Your tooth must have hit your upper gums, because you were actually bleeding. I think it was way more traumatic for me than for you! I was a blubbering mess!
-You started chewing on your crib last week so we had to tie a blanket around the railing.
-You are such a people person!! You just smile at almost everyone! When we are shopping, people are always commenting on you and your smile and what a flirt you are. You make people smile all the time! I think that is an amazing gift God has given you and I hope it stays with you forever!
-You still have big, bright blue eyes that light up your face. When you heart melts!

Fun with Christmas lights

Ta Da!! This was Carter's first look at our tree with the lights.

Playing peek a boo around the tree with daddy.

I had to throw this picture in of the cats. We got this gorilla for Carter for Christmas and apparently the cats like him. I also have to throw in that on Thursday night we went down to Toys R Us at 9:30, waited out in the freezing cold in line for an hour and a half, shopped for Carter for 20 minutes, and then waited in line to pay for his gifts for almost two hours. I have never done that before! It was super annoying but it was also kind of fun to do that with my man. It was kind of like a date night where we froze our tushies off and didn't get to eat anything. But...Carter is all finished for Christmas and we got some great deals!

Christmas Tree!

On Wednesday afternoon (late afternoon), we headed over to Tree Kings where we always get our tree and cut down our Christmas tree. Last year I was pregnant and I just couldn't wait till next Christmas to do this with our son! It was one of the things I looked forward to about Christmas with our son the most. The only problem was it was getting dark and it was very cold so we didn't draw it out too much but we got to get him all bundled up and walk among the trees!
Next year will be fun when Carter is walking and can walk around and play in the trees.

This one would have been just perfect for Carter.

Carter's first Thanksgiving

We went to Jay's uncle Grant's house in Sandy this year. They cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and we had a nice time visiting with them. Carter was all decked out in his Thanksgiving attire and even got to enjoy his first Thanksgiving meal.

Carter really liked their dog, Sammy.

Cute turkey butt!

Playing with his new toy from Grant, Laine, and Hailey.

This turkey sang and danced. Carter got a kick out of it.

Taking his first bite of turkey. He also had mashed potatoes and jello.

Carter kept peeking around the table into the kitchen.

Playing with Daddy. I love these two!

Playing with Grandma.