Thursday, August 26, 2010

6 months old

Today my baby is six months old. 1/2 a year old! It is amazing how time flies! My poor little guy is sick on his six month birthday though. He had a really rough day yesterday. Tuesday night he was awake most of the night and I wondered if he was getting sick, but I couldn't tell. By morning, he had the icky green runny nose and seemed all congested. He felt warm but I couldn't get our thermometer to work. (I was a dork and it was set on Celsius.) He really struggled all day. He was crabby and very needy. He didn't want to take naps at all! By early evening his temp was 101.6 and he seemed miserable. I called the doc again and this time they said to bring him in in the morning. He ended up sleeping 8 straight hours last night and his temp is back to normal this morning. I am praying this is a quick little bug. I have never felt so helpless as a mom! He felt so miserable and yet there was nothing I could do but snuggle him. So yesterday morning when he woke up sick, I decided to run to the grocery store so that we had what we needed to stay home the rest of the day. As soon as I got him in the cart at roths, I smelled something. He had pooped all the way up to his neck. So I go back to the car and get him all cleaned up, which is so hard to do when the poop is everywhere. While I was getting him cleaned up a lady walked by and saw the poopy diaper on the ground and said she had been there and done that several times. When she came back out she gave me this really cool reusable cup (like the starbucks kind). She said I needed it because it was impossible for my kids to pull the straw out of it. She was really nice and it was a nice little blessing after my morning.

Carter at six months...
-learned how to sit up all on his own, and he is really good at it
-has two teeth on the bottom
-eating all kinds of fruits and veggies and loves most of them
-isn't saying "mamamamama" anymore which makes me sad
-sleeping until 6-7 usually, sometimes gets up when Jay's alarm goes off though
-still in size 2 diapers
-wearing 6 month clothes
-is a great traveler
-handles being passed around like a champ
-weights right around 18 1/2 pounds
-grabs at everything...cell phone, remote controls, papers, car keys, car seat buckle, anything that catches his eye
-wants to eat what we are eating so bad
-gets distracted easily when, other people, if I am eating or talking on the phone
-usually takes three naps a day
-wild and crazy, gets super excited about things but is also a snuggler
-flips to his tummy to sleep most nights
-rolls all over the living room
-usually wakes up so happy in the morning
-he is a charmer...he smiles at everyone in the grocery store and gets all the attention
-he has lots of hair growing in finally
-loves the kitties!!!!!

I say this at the end of all of his monthly posts but we love this little man more than words can describe. He brings so much joy to our lives and my heart just swells with pride every time I look at him. It really amazes me that God wants to bless us this much by giving us this beautiful son! Thank you Lord for Carter! He is the biggest blessing in our lives.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spokane and Montana trip

Jay was in a wedding in Superior, Montana. The great thing about the location of the wedding is that it was only 2 hours away from my family in Spokane. We went up a couple of days early and spent time with the family, went to the wedding, and then more time in Spokane. We had a nice trip! Carter impresses me so much when we travel. He really is a trooper. He handles being passed around and help by so many different people so well! He also handles sleeping in different places really well. He is a good little boy and I loved spending time with my two favorite boys!

Meeting cousin Kyle for the first time.

Hanging out in our motel room in Superior.

We stayed at the only motel in town, The Big Sky Motel.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oops...Sorry Emma!

Hanging out with some of the "greats"

We went for a walk at Minto Brown Park with my grandparents. Carter sure loves his Great Grandparents! He is a very blessed little boy to still have so many great grandparents around to watch him grow up.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 big milestones!

On Sunday, August 8th, Carter decided to sit up all on his own. He had been doing it for a few weeks but he was still somewhat wobbly so we didn't feel comfortable leaving him. Saturday he was still wobbly, Sunday he had it down. He now sits up all the time and rarely falls over. I think he likes the freedom of sitting up.

Last Sunday, the 15th, Carter had two teeth break through. They are on the bottom in the front and are so stinkin' cute!! We were in Spokane with family for the week and were heading home that night. (I will blog about that trip soon!) He took a three hour nap that morning but then refused to take a nap the rest of the day. Every time we laid him down he just cried. I actually remember saying, "this really isn't like him, he is usually such a good napper." We went to church later that night and while we were singing, Carter jammed Jay's finger in his mouth to chew on as usual, and Jay felt his two little teeth. We were pretty excited! Some of you probably think I am a dork but each of his little milestones just make me such a proud mama and so excited that he is growing so much. It also makes me sad because my baby is growing too fast! 5 1/2 months he learns to sit and has two teeth come through. Next milestone is crawling, which I don't think is too far away!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My baby is growing up way too fast!!

Five months old and he is taking over the house. I realized very quickly today that the days of leaving him somewhere and him still being there when I get back are over! He has been rolling for over a month now but the last few days he seems to be getting anywhere he wants to get. Today he surprised me twice.
He was playing in the middle of the rug while I was baking cookies. I walked back in to the living room to find him under the couch.

The smiles he gave me when I found him like this were priceless!!!

I heard a strange noise coming from the baby monitor so I went in to check on him. He had scooted himself over to the corner of the crib and was playing with the bumper tag. I have no idea how he got the bumper off like that. This kid is going to keep his mama busy!!

Part 2 of our Cali trip and pictures

California was great! It was really nice to get away. I left my last post off right before we were going to Six Flags with my cousin and her family. We had a great time spending the day at the park. It was also a Marine World, so we got to see a dolphin show, a whale show, and lots of other marine life. Carter is too young to really enjoy it but he was a perfect little boy the entire day and had fun anyway. The next day was our pool day. We just laid around the pool, took Carter swimming again, and had a relaxing day! Then we went to two Giants games the next two days. Jay and I spent the whole day on Friday in San Francisco and then met up with everyone at the Giants game that evening. We took Carter on his first cable car ride. He was actually very interested in it. We were sitting right in the front and he looked out the window the entire time. Thank you Dad and Lori for inviting us with you on your vacation! It is such a blessing for us.

Ready to go swimming for the very first time.

My cousin Marci and her girls, Makenzie and Madelyn.

Jay is in the front row.

Ready for his first Giants game!

First cable car ride.