Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sand, Water, Crabs, Shopping, and Mo's...

My grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, and mom were spending a week at the coast and invited us to join them if we had a free night.  Jay was able to do a trade and get one day off so we headed over for a night.  It was a nice little break.  This is really the first time Carter has ever played on the beach.  The last time we took him it was so windy that we only lasted a few minutes.  It was the kind of wind that the sand hurt when it hit our skin.  This time was much better.  The weather was just perfect!  Not cold, a little blue sky, and some sunshine.  Carter LOVED the sand!  He wasn't a huge fan of the waves but I am okay with that!

No, he wasn't actually sleeping like this :)  Just being silly. 

I edited all of these pictures but I am afraid I used the unedited ones on here and I am not in the mood to start over.  So some are very dark because my camera was on the wrong setting for some of them and it was so bright outside that I didn't realize they were so dark.  I fixed them on the computer and then didn't use those on my blog :(  Oh well!
I also realized that I have hardly any pictures of the family!  Sorry guys!  I need to be better at getting pics of my kids with their family :)  Thanks for letting us join you for a night on your vacation!  We had a nice time and even survived that last dinner that couldn't have gone any worse with our kids!