Sunday, October 28, 2012

She's 7 Months!

This sweet little thing is seven months old already!  I literally just melt when I look at that precious face.  They always say that a baby girl has their daddy wrapped around their finger...I think this baby girl has her mama wrapped around her finger.  And she is also a big time mama's girl!  She loves her daddy but if I am in the room, she wants me.  As much as I love it, it can also be a bit frustrating.  Usually she will stay with daddy even if I am in the room but anyone else and she is searching for me.  She seems to do okay though if I just disappear.  She is a little stinker!  She knows what she wants and isn't easily distracted.  But then she smiles at me or laughs at me and I forget about about all of that. 

She is still super tiny.  People are always surprised to hear how old she is because they can't believe how little she is.  She is tiny and perfect.  We had a little visit to a couple emergency rooms this past weekend and found out that she weighs 14 pounds even.  At least she gained a few ounces since her six month check up!  Her beautiful eyes are still blue...yay!  She is now wearing mostly six month clothes with lots of room to spare but her three month clothes are just getting too short.  Tops that are not onesies still fit in three month but anything with snaps or that are pants are now six months.  She is still in size two diapers.

She is finally sitting up pretty well.  She still falls quite a bit but she is fully capable of sitting up and loves doing it.  This morning I had her sitting in Carter's room while I was getting ready for church.  He was playing in there and she loved sitting near him watching him play.  Sometimes he would even share one of his toys with her.  She seems to like sitting up but I am looking forward to when she is a little more steady.

She finally loves food (other than milk).  We tried feeding her homemade pureed foods for two months before she finally decided it wasn't so bad.  Again...a little stinker!  So far she loves everything I have given her...pureed apples, bananas, strawberries, peaches, pears, butternut squash, carrots, zuchini, and yellow squash.  Tonight she is going to try sweet potatoes.  I am making her baby food just like I did with Carter and I love it!  I feel like little suzy homemaker.  I know, I'm a dork!  She also LOVES cheerios and puffs.  She scarfs them down!  And she is really good at grabbing them off her tray herself and putting them in her mouth.  She stunk at that at first and now has it down.  Most days I am feeding her a fruit in the morning and a veggie around dinner time. 

Her sleeping habits are improving.  Not perfect, but improving.  She was basically only sleeping in her crib at night time until ladies retreat last weekend.  She was waking up usually twice to eat which is still two times too many but much better than it had been.  Then retreat happened.  I took her swing because I didn't want to deal with her crying in the night in her crib when I had a roommate.  So she slept one night in her swing and then the second night is when everything happened with her head.  After that I just couldn't stand the thought of letting her cry it out in her crib.  I had bad thoughts of her screaming and putting pressure on her soft spot and causing damage.  This was not a legitimate fear but a fear none the less.  Well, yesterday we decided to get her back in her crib.  She had an AMAZING night last night!  She went down at 7:30ish and cried for about an hour (that part wasn't good) but then slept until 2:30, ate and slept again until 7.  That is an amazing night for her!  Nap today was a disaster and she ended up back in her swing because we are going to my dad's tonight and she NEEDED a nap before that.  I was desperate!  I know that someday she won't sleep in her swing ever :)  I know we should just pack it away in the garage but I'm just not ready.  But I am going to work hard at her sleeping in her crib and sleeping through the night!

She giggles for mama, daddy, and Carter all the time.  All I have to do is tickle her belly with my nose and she giggles.  All Carter has to do is jump up and down in front of her and she giggles.  All daddy has to is make a funny noise and she giggles.  There is nothing better than that sweet giggle!

She loves the nursery at church and seems to do really well.  She doesn't do great at life group on Wednesday nights though.  She is just so tired and doesn't do well down with the kids.  Carter had a little phase of dealing with that too.  Sometimes my mom takes her for life group so that I can just sit and enjoy it but sometimes we take her. She just doens't do well if she is tired!  She is much better at riding in the car now and rarely cries!  She was pretty rough for the first couple of months but now she seems to enjoy being in the car.  And if she is tired she just falls asleep.  

Here is a picture of her poor soft spot.  This is what it did about 24 hours after it was bulging.  It stayed sunken for about two days and is now back to normal!  And last night I noticed that she has a tooth on top that is about to poke through.  I can see the outline of the tooth!  That explains her crankiness the last few days.  That will be her third tooth.  

She is just the sweetest thing!  I love this little lady.  Thank you God for blessing me with both a boy and a girl.  What a special gift!

My sweet Mady girl...
We love you so much!  You fill our lives with joy.  You are very special and so loved!  I always knew how loved you were by others but I really saw it after our visit to the ER for your head.  People were telling me all day long all week that they were praying for you and loved you very much.  I pray for you everyday that you would grow to love Jesus and always know how loved and special you are.  We love you sweet girl!

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